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Abdominal Massager Electric Slimming Belt


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Application: Waist

Size: Medium

Model Number: B169-1

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Material: ABS

Certification: CE

Charging mode: USB

Multi function abdominal massage instrument - your private professional masseur, health care, fat reduction and thin abdomen。

TCM regimen + modern science and technology. Kneading and keeping fit has been used for thousands of years in China. Sticking to kneading can eliminate the fat accumulated in the abdomen, and can also assist in disease treatment,The key is to get your abdomen movin

Constant temperature hot compress abdomen not afraid of cold, 9 ball large area constant temperature hot compress, massage area increases at the same time. The range of hot compress also increased.

Forward reverse automatic kneading——3 minutes of automatic forward and reverse operation and kneading, alternating rotary massage, free hands and experience more comfortable。

Vibrating massage is more comfortable——Simulation of 3D massage technology, not only because it is easy to use, but also to highlight their own taste。

Pulse acupuncture heating technology——Health preservation combined with science and technology, acupuncture heating therapy, waist and abdomen blood circulation。

Stick it wherever you feel uncomfortable——The micro current penetrates the skin through the patch, penetrates the meridians and collaterals, and can be massaged all over the body。

Product Name: abdominal massage instrument

  Use time: ≤ 30 minutes

Executive standard: gb4706.1-2005 gb4706.10-2008 executive standard

  Product function: 6 modes of rubbing / vibration / heating /Acupuncture

Simple control panel—— 1)switch 2)Increase or decrease gears 3)Temperature controller 4)Data cable connection

Soft bandage, breathable and wear resistant mesh——The breathable and wear-resistant mesh can be easily tied and adjusted, which is more convenient and comfortable to use。

Tough and fall resistant ——ABS plastic shell, tough and fall resistan

Simulation of 3D hand massage——Large area 9 ball constant temperature kneading, simulation hand massage, better experience 。

2-way output, better effect——Upgrade the pulse effect, speed up the cycle, can be shared by two people

Massage before going to bed——Relax the whole body and promote fast sleep

Massage during breaks——In high spirits, drive away fatigue, work full of energy

Massage when going out——Natural relaxation, travel boating tired, relax nerves。

The above is the model real shot display

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