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Anti Wrinkle Anti Aging Hydrating Lifting Firming Peptide Serum


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Red Pomegranate Fresh Water Sleeping Mask

Contains pomegranate moisturizing ingredients, delicate and smooth watery touch, mild in sleep

Protects the skin, replenishes the skin's moisture, helps to improve the dry state caused by lack of water, and the nighttime living water grid, clears the skin and runs through, and wakes up the water for a night!

Ingredients: water, glycerin, propylene glycol, glycerol polymethyl M M PVM / MA copolymerization

, carbomer, triethanolamine, allantoin, bis(methyl)imidazolidinyl urea, iodopropanol

Butyl carbamate, methyl isoxazolone, PEG40 hydrogenated castor oil, sodium hyaluronate

Fragrance, C16255, polyethylene, pomegranate (PUNICA GRANATUM) seed extract

Method: Please place it in a cool place to avoid high temperature and direct sunlight.

Tip: Before use, it is recommended to test the test after the ear. If there is any discomfort, please stop using it.

Note: Do not use children under the age of three.


1. After cleansing before going to bed, take appropriate amount of this product on the forehead of the two frequencies, the lower jaw. (If there is a chemical, you should first unload it).

2. Apply the texture from the inside to the ground (avoid the eyes and lips).

3. Spread evenly from the bottom to the top of the neck (note: for better results, the mask should be thicker).

4. It can be washed overnight and can be cleaned the next day.

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Product name: Red pomegranate fresh water / kiwi snail skin rejuvenating sleeping mask

Product category: sleep disposable

Skin Type: General

Commodity mm: 6947790786049

Special purpose cosmetics: No

Shelf life: three years

Net content: 120g (g/ml)

Cosmetic efficacy: moisturizing, hydrating

Package Included:

1*Sleeping Mask

Life is too short to live without the Anti Wrinkle Anti Aging Hydrating Lifting Firming Peptide Serum. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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