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Natural Pomegranate Anti-Puffiness Remove Dark Circle Anti-Aging


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OneSpring Anti-Puffiness Remove Dark Circle Red Pomegranate Eye Cream Anti-Aging Moisturizing Eye Care 20g


Glycerol. hydrogenated polyisobutylene. propylene glycol. avocado fruit oil. cetearyl alcohol. pentaerythritol tetra (ethylhexanoate). cyclopentadimethylsiloxane. sodium acrylate / acrylated dimethyl taurine Sodium hydroxypropyl methyl ester. methylphenoxypentamate. Methylphenoxypentamate. Methyl isothiazolinone. pomegranate fruit extract.

[Product efficacy]

pomegranate extract. the texture is hydrogel and fine. mild and smooth. care and moisten skin around eyes. fresh and replenish water. Gentle nourish the eye skin. Supplementary eye week skin moisture. eyes more water embellish. to help improve dry skin. Gentle care for delicate skin. water embellish nourish eye skin.

[How to use]  


1 After cleansing. apply a suitable amount of eye cream against the direction of the appearance of fine lines.

2 Press the canthus sag of the lad. to focus on increasing content of elastin around the eye skin.

3 Eyes closed. the third finger moisturized flick eye skin. improve eye week cycle.

4 Eyes closed. Palm. Rub. press the eye skin with palm temperature. soothing relaxation.

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